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A special message from Bev Mauzy: "As Manager of Capital Ritz for 20 years, I am proficient & experienced at providing you with a stress-free/worry-free process in creating your special event at the Capital Ritz! Beginning with a tour of our beautiful venue, to the contract process, to meeting and anticipating all of your needs, I want to be a part of making the memories you will cherish for years to come! Whatever your event may be... a wedding, wedding reception, anniversary party, class reunion, prom, birthday, or meeting, let's plan your special event together!"


“We booked the Capital Ritz for our wedding reception (roughly 240 people) in October and it was perfect! They were available for us to look at the venue numerous times, and were very responsive to any questions we had via email or call. They set up the venue just how we wanted, and we were able to rent the hall the day before to set up what extras we wanted. The bartending staff was also excellent that they provided for hire.  Bev was the main person I was in contact with and she went above and beyond to make sure what we wanted was able to be carried out and allowed at the venue.  Payment was a very easy process and no surprise hidden fees were tacked on at the end.  10/10 would recommend you booking your event here, no matter how big or small it may be!"


“Hours of fun and enjoyment at the Capital Ritz!!

For several years I have been attending a weekly line dance class at the Capital Ritz.  It is a great way to dance and get in some awesome exercise at the same time! We have a great teacher who makes learning easy and there are lots of friendly smiling faces to make you feel welcome.  In addition to this class, my husband and I have enjoyed many other dancing venues at the Capital Ritz, such as Ballroom, Swing, and Country.  If you enjoy dancing or want to give it a try...this is the place to be!"


“Capital Ritz Dance Club has been a signifiant part of my life for almost two decades.  From dances to events and especially to my line dance classes, not only is it good exercise, class members are now some of my best friends!  My incredible, patient, kind, and wonderful teacher, Rhonda, has been a dear friend for years now! If she can teach me to dance, she can teach anyone! :) :)"


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